e Rekha 2024 (KLIM)- Check Survey Records, District Maps, FMB Online

e Rekha (Kerala) – Check Your Old/Re-Survey Records, District Maps, FMB, and Other Land Records online.

E Rekha is the Kerala state government’s online land data repository. The E Rekha platform allows users to quickly get land records. The eRekha web platform was launched by the Kerala Land Information Mission and Bhoomikeralam to digitize Kerala’s land records. follow our blog to get more updates.

Land Records are also available for other states on Bhumi Abhilekh and Meebhoomi Adangal portal online.

Portale Rekha
forSurvey and Land Records Kerala
Launched byKerala Land Information Mission
and the Government of Kerala
Managed byKerala Land Information Mission
and Bhoomikeralam

Land Services Available on e-Rekha

  • File Search >
    • Resurvey Records (New) ✔
    • Old Survey Records ✔
    • District Maps ✔
  • Fees/Charges of Land Records ✔
  • Application for Land Record Document Verification ✔
  • List of FMB Data Online
  • List of Settlement Data Online
  • e-Rekha Contact Details ✔
  • Other Land Services

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How to Search/Download Old/Re-Survey Records & District Maps on e Rekha?

Visit e-Rekha Official Portal

To initiate, you need to go to the main website of eRekha to access Kerala’s land records. e- Rekha portal which offers Old and New Survey Records, District Maps, FMB/Settlement data, and Other land records of Kerala state.

e-Rekha Portal
Official website of e-Rekha – Kerala

Go to e-Rekha Homepage > FILE SEARCH >

  • Old Survey Records
  • Re Survey Records
  • District Maps

Page – erekha.kerala.gov.in/search.php

When you visit the above-mentioned page, you will be presented with the above three options. To search and download all these land records, you have to follow the same procedure. These records provide different types of information and are used for various purposes. We also learn how to get land details using survey number in kerala.

Search/Download OLD Survey Records

Go to e-Rekha Homepage > FILE SEARCH > Old Survey Records

Page – erekha.kerala.gov.in/oldsurvey.php

If your old survey records are lost or missing, or if you want them for any other reason, then you can obtain them.

When you arrive at the above page, choose the options that best suit your needs, then Select the District, Taluk, Village, Block Number, and Survey Number before clicking the Submit button.

After Submitting your screen will now display a Preview of your Old Survey Records. To Download Old Survey Records, you must pay a Fee by registering/logging in to the e-Rekha Portal.

Search/Download ReSurvey Records (New)

Go to e-Rekha Homepage > FILE SEARCH > ReSurvey Records (New)

Page – erekha.kerala.gov.in/newsurvey.php

ReSurvey records are new records that are used in the present.

If you appear at the said page, pick the options based on the information you require, then enter the location of your land by Selecting the District, Taluk, Village, Block Number, and Survey Number and click the Submit button.

Following submission, your screen will now show a Preview of your ReSurvey Records. To access re-survey records, you must first Register/Login to the e-Rekha Portal and pay a Fee.

Search/Download District Maps

Go to e-Rekha Homepage > FILE SEARCH > District Maps

Page – erekha.kerala.gov.in/districtsearch.php

e Maps Kerala represents the land on a map, allowing you to see the actual land area details as well as the details of all your neighbors’ land and its owners.

To search for District Maps, simply select your District and press the Submit button; then you will see a Preview of District Maps, then click the Checkout button. Register/Login on the e-Rekha website and pay the required Fee for District Maps. You will be able to Download it once you have paid the fee.

Fees/Charges of Land Records

Land RecordFees/Charges per Page
Taluk MapRs 1000
District MapRs 1000
Litho Map (Old Survey)Rs 1000
Block Map ( Re Survey)Rs 1000
Measurement Plan (Old Survey)Rs 750
FMB ReSurveyRs 750
Land Register (Re Survey)Rs 1400
Settlement RegisterRs 1400
Correlation StatementRs 1000
Area ListRs 550

Process to Apply for Land Record Document Verification

Go to e-Rekha Homepage > Verification

Page – erekha.kerala.gov.in/application.php

You must enter your Personal Details, Address Details, and Land Details for document verification. Then, upload the document (pdf) you want to verify and describe your purpose before submitting your application.

e-Rekha Contact Details – Helpline Number

Kerala land Information Mission
State Project Office, Museum Bains Compound
Phone – 0471 2313734 
Email – [email protected] 

Visit e-Rekha Portal –>erekha.kerala.gov.in

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