Jamabandi Punjab Land Records (PLRS Fard) Online – 2024

Jamabandi Punjab (PLRS) is the Punjab State’s land records website. The primary purpose of the Jamabandi (PLRS Fard) website is to make property records available online, giving all Fard Punjab residents access to their Jamabandi information.

PortalJamabandi Punjab
(PLRS Punjab)
forJamabandi Nakal (Fard Online) and
Other Property Records
Launched byGovernment of Punjab
Managed byRevenue Department of Punjab

Land Services Available on Jambandi Punjab

  • Jamabandi ✔
  • Mutation ✔
  • Roznamcha ✔
  • Mutation After Registry ✔
  • Online Request for Fard ✔
  • Fard Request Status ✔
  • Integrated Property
  • Court Case ✔
  • Cadastral Map ✔
  • Property Tax Register ✔
  • Registry Deed ✔
  • Nakal Verification ✔
  • Water/Sewerage Connection ✔
  • Feedback ✔
  • Correction in Record ✔
  • Jamabandi Punjab Contact Details ✔
  • Other Land Services

What is Jamabandi?

A Jamabandi is a legal document that acts as a land record. It contains information about who owns the land, what type of land it is, how big it is, and other characteristics. Every state has its own term for land records, however, in Punjab and Haryana, land records are known as Jamabandi.

What is Fard?

As proof of ownership, a home buyer will have a sale deed, while a landowner will have Jamabandi records. All of these records are referenced as “fard” documents together.

How to Check Jamabandi Punjab Online?

Visit Offical Jamabandi Portal

You must first go to the Punjab state’s Jamabandi official web portal. Jamabandi Nakal, Fard Kander, Roznamcha, Mutation, Cadastral Maps, Nakal Verification, and Other Land Records are accessible online thru this web portal.

Jamabandi Punjab Portal
Official Website of Jamabandi (PLRS) – Punjab

Go to Jamabandi Portal Homepage > Jamabandi >

Page – jamabandi.punjab.gov.in/Jamabandi.aspx

  • Owner Name Wise
  • Khewat No. Wise
  • Khasra No. Wise
  • Khatouni No. Wise

Step 1 – Select Region –

The first step is to select your land location by choosing your District, Tahsil, Village, and Year. After entering these details click the Set Region button.

Select Region Jamabandi Punjab

Step 2 – Choose Search Option –

You will get 4 Options to search your Nakal on this Portal. Choose any one option according to the details you have from the following list.

  • Owner Name Wise
  • Khewat No. Wise
  • Khasra No. Wise
  • Khatouni No. Wise
Select Search Option for Jamabandi Punjab

Step 3 – Select your Khasra/Khatouni/Khewat/Owner-Name –

Now you have to select your khasra number from the list. if you choose a different search option in the previous step then you have to select that details. solve the Captcha and click on the View Report button.

Select Khasra Number for Jamabandi

Step 4 – View Jamabandi Nakal –

Finally, you will get the Jamabandi Nakal on your Screen. You have the option to Take Print out and you can also download it in pdf file.

View Jamabandi Nakal Punjab

Jamabandi Punjab: Process to Chek Mutation Report

Go to Jamabandi Portal Homepage > Mutation > Mutation No. Wise

Page – jamabandi.punjab.gov.in/Mutation.aspx

You can Search your Mutation using a Mutation No. Once you visit the Mutation Search Page Select your Mutation No. from the list, Enter the Captcha and click the View Report button.

Mutation Report Search on Jamabandi Punjab

Finally, you will get your Mutation Report Details on your screen.

View Report Mutation on Jamabandi Punjab

Jamabandi Punjab: Process to Check Roznamcha

Go to Jamabandi Portal Homepage > Roznamcha >

  • Rapat No. Wise
  • Waqiati No. Wise

Pape – jamabandi.punjab.gov.in/Default.aspx

You have two options to search for your Roznamcha Nakal online. Select any one option according to the details you have.

Roznamcha Nakal Type Jamabandi

After that Select, the Year for your Roznamcha Nakal then Enters your Rapat No. OR Waqiati No. depending on which option you have selected click on the View Report button.

Roznamcha Search Jamabandi

Finally, you will get Roznamcha Nakal on your screen. Now you can Print or Save it in a pdf file.

Roznamcha Nakal Jamabandi

Jamabandi Punjab: Process of Mutation After Registry

Go to Jamabandi Portal Homepage > Mutation after Registry

Page – jamabandi.punjab.gov.in/Mutation-After-Registry.aspx

You can search your Mutation After Registry just Select your District, Tehsil, and Village then you have two options to search your Mutation After Registry 1) Vaseeka Number wise 2) Mutation Number wise select anyone and click on the Search button.

Mutation After Registry

Finally, you will get the Mutation Details, Phone number of Vaseeka, transaction number, and a number of mutation requests.

Mutation After Registry Status

How to Place an Online Request for Fard (Certified Copy)?

Go to Jamabandi Portal Homepage > Online Request for Fard

Page jamabandi.punjab.gov.in/Default.aspx

You can Request for Fard (Certified Copy) on Jamabandi Punjab Portal. You have the following 4 Options to search it, Choose anyone that you know.

  • Owner Name Wise
  • Khewat No. Weise
  • Khasra No. Wise
  • Khatouni No. Wise
Online Request for Fard

We have selected Khasra No. for demo purposes. Now enter your Khasra Number and Captcha after that click on the View Report button.

Search Fard by Khasra Number

As a result, your Fard will appear on your screen but this copy you can only use for informational purposes you can download and print it.

Above your fard, the website will ask you Do you want to apply for Certified Copy then you have to click the Yes button.


Before Requesting for Fard (Certified Copy) Read all the Instructions and Enter your Details You can request Fard by Email and Courier. Once you fill in the details click on Submit button.

Email – Maximum time of Delivery= 3 Days
Courier – Maximum time of Delivery = 7 Days
Online Request for Fard (Jamabandi)

Jamabandi Punjab: Process to Track Fard Request Status

Go to Jamabandi Portal Homepage > Fard Request Status

Page – jamabandi.punjab.gov.in/FardStatus.aspx

If you recently requested for Fard then you can know Track the Status of your Fard online. To Track your status just enter your Request ID and click on the Search button.

Fard Request Status

Jamabandi Punjab: Process to Search for Court Case

Go to Jamabandi Portal Homepage > Court Case

Page – jamabandi.punjab.gov.in/CourtCase.aspx

To search Court Cases online Select your District, Tehsil, and the village then Enter your Khewat Number and Khasra Number and click on the Search button. As a search result, Court Case Details will appear on your Screen.

Court Cases (Punjab)

Jamabandi Punjab: Process to Register Property Tax

Go to Jamabandi Portal Homepage > Property Tax Register

Page – jamabandi.punjab.gov.in/PropertyTaxRegister.aspx

To Register Tax Select your location and Enter your Property ID/Registration Number then click on the Search button.

Property Tax Register in Punjab

Jamabandi Punjab: Process to Search Registry Deed

Go to Jamabandi Portal Homepage > Registry Deed

Page – jamabandi.punjab.gov.in/RegistryDeed.aspx

To Search Registry Deed Select your District and Tehsil you can Search by Seller/Buyer Name, Khewat No, Registration No, and Registration Date. Choose any one Option and Click on the Search button.

Registry Deed Details will appear on your screen. You have to find your Registry Details and click on the View button.

Registry Deed in Punjab

Your Registry Deed details will be open in a pdf file you can Download OR Print it.

Registry Deed Details

Jamabandi Punjab: Process to Check Cadastral Map

Go to Jamabandi Punjab Homepage > Cadastral Map

Page – jamabandi.punjab.gov.in/CadastralMap.aspx

You can search your Cadastral Map by Village Wise. Select your Land Location after that your Cadastral Map will appear on your screen.

Cadastral Map of Punjab

Jamabandi Punjab: Process of Nakal Verification

Go to Jamabandi Punjab Homepage > Nakal Verification

Page – jamabandi.punjab.gov.in/Nakal-Verification.aspx

You can Verify Nakal by just Selecting your District, Tehsil, and Dates then clicking on Verify Nakal button.

Jamabandi Nakal Verification

Finally, you will get the Nakal list of your selected location and dates. now you can Verify your Nakal.

Jamabandi Punjab: Process to Check Water/Sewerage Connection Status

Go to Jamabandi Portal Homepage > Water/Sewerage Connection Status

Page – jamabandi.punjab.gov.in/ULBDetail.aspx

To check your Water and Sewerage Connection Details you have to select ULB then click on any one option that you want Water Connection Detail OR Sewerage Connection Detail.

Water and Sewerage Connection Detail

After that, you will be redirected to a particular website where you can check the status online.

Jamabandi Punjab: Process to Submit Feedback

Go to Jamabandi Portal Homepage > Feedback

Page – jamabandi.punjab.gov.in/FeedBack.aspx

You can share your experience of using the Jamabandi Haryana Portal. Just fill in the details and click on the Submit button. Your feedback will help to improve the Jamabandi Haryana portal.

Jamabandi Portal Feedback

Jamabandi Punjab: Process for Correction in Record

Go to Jamabandi Portal Homepage > Correction in Record

Page – jamabandi.punjab.gov.in/CorrectionRequest.aspx

If you find any mistake in your land record then you request for correction online. Just fill details and click Submit button.

Correction in Record

Jamabandi Punjab Contact Details – Helpline Number

Address: Room No.3, Floor-4, Punjab Civil
Secretariat, Sector-1, Chandigarh-160001,
Contact No: 0172-2742242, 2748469
E-mail: [email protected]

Visit Jamabandi (PLRS) –>jamabandi.punjab.gov.in

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