Jamabandi Haryana – Check Your Land Records Online – 2022

Jamabandi Haryana – Check Jamabandi Nakal, Cadastral Map, Mutation, Urban-Rural Property Records, and Other Land Records.

The procedure of finding information regarding land and property records in Haryana has become much easier thanks to the online land record Bhulekh Haryana Portal.

PortalJamabandi Haryana
ForNakal Jamabandi Haryana,
Cadastral Map &
Haryana Land Records
Launched byGovernment of Haryana
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Land Services Available on Jamabandi Haryana

  • Property Registration
  • Deed Registration Appointment ✔
  • Collector Rate Objection
  • Jamabandi Nakal ✔
  • Mutation >
    • View Mutation Orders ✔
    • Check Mutation Status ✔
    • Mutation Status of Deeds ✔
    • Mutation Fees
  • Cadastral Map ✔
  • Court Cases
  • Urban and Rural Property Records
  • Other Land Services

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What is Jamabandi?

Jamabandi is a land record document that is used in Haryana and Punjab states. It contains information on land ownership, cultivation, and the current status of various land rights. It is updated every five years when a Patwari prepares a Jamabandi and the Revenue Officer attests it.

How to Check Nakal on Jamabandi Haryana Portal?

Visit Jamabandi Haryana Official Portal

To begin, go to Haryana Land Records Department’s main site. Jamabandi Haryana is the authorized land record website for the state of Haryana Bhulekh, providing Property/Deed Registration, Haryana Jamabandi Nakal, Mutation, Cadastral Map, Property and Other Land Records online.

Jamabandi Portal
Official Website of Jamabandi.nic.in Nakal Haryana Online

Go to Jamabandi Homepage > Jamabandi > Jamabandi Nakal

Page – jamabandi.nic.in/land%20records/NakalRecord

Step 1 – Enter Nakal Details –

You have the following 4 Options to search your Jamabandi Nakal Haryana. Choose the option according to the details you have.

  • By Owner Name
  • By Khewat
  • By Khasra/Survey No
  • By Date of Mutation

After that Select DistrictTahsilVillage, and Jamabandi Year from the list.

Step 2 – Select Your Khasra –

Now Select your Khasra from the list then your Nakal Details will appear on your screen. Simply click on the Nakal button.

Step 3 – View Your Jamabandi Nakal –

As a response, your Jamabandi Nakal will show on your display. Now you will get All the Information about the land. If you want a print of this Nakal then click the Take Print button.

Process to Check Cadastral Map

Go to Jamabandi Homepage > Cadastral Maps > View Cadastral Maps

Page – hsac.org.in/eodb

After you’ve come on the View Cadastral Maps page you will see Jamabandi Haryana Map on your screen. Just Zoom In on where your land is located then click on your Khasra No.

Cadastral Maps available on hsac.org.in

After you click on your Khasra No. the popup will show on your display containing the Khasra Detail, Ownership, and Other Land details.

Process to Book Appointment for Deed Registration

Go to Jamabandi Homepage > Deed Registration Appointment

Page –

To Book an Appointment for Deed Registration Firstly, you have to Enter your Mobile Number and then click on Send OTP button. Once you receive the OTP Enter it and click Submit button.

Step 1 – Select Appointment Type & Enter Deed Details –

You have two options Book Appointment Normal Appointment and a Tatkal Appointment. Then Enter the following Details.

  • Deed Type
  • Location of Property
  • Sub Location of Property
  • Sub Deed
  • District – Tehsil – Village

Once you Enter the above details click on the Next/आगे button.

Step 2 – Enter Property Details –

Now you have to search your property and then Add your Property Details.

Step 3 – Enter Party Details –

After that, you select Party Type and Enter the following Personal Details of both Parties.

  • Name
  • Mobile
  • Aaddhar Number
  • Address

Once you Enter the above details click on Add Party button.

Step 4 – Book Appointment –

Finally Select the Date, Time, Enter the Transaction Amount and your Email then click on the Book Appointment button.

All About Mutation >

The term “mutation” refers to the changes that must be made to the land’s ownership and title.

View Mutation Orders

Go to Jamabandi Homepage > Mutation > View Mutation Orders

Page – jamabandi.nic.in/DSNakal/SearchMutationFileNew

Select your Tehsil, Village, and Mutation Type and Enter the details of Mutation No, Source Type, Mutation Date, and Captcha Code then click on Submit button.

Check Mutation Status

Go to Jamabandi Homepage > Mutation > Check Mutation Status

Page – jamabandi.nic.in/DSNakal/CheckMutStatus.aspx

You can check your Online Mutation Status by Selecting District, Tehsil, and Entering the Registry No, Registry Date. Once you Enter this click on the Search button.

Mutation Status of Deeds

Go to Jamabandi Homepage > Mutation > Mutation Status of Deeds

Page – jamabandi.nic.in/DSNakal/CheckMutDetail

You can check your Mutation Status of Deeds just Select your District, Tehsil, and Enter the Period then click on the Search button.

Visit Jamabandi Portal –>jamabandi.nic.in
Visit Homepage –>landowner.co.in

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